So, About That Tree

So for any of you out there that happened to have made it through my first post and caught the end, a huge storm had just blown through my town and took out the biggest tree in my front lawn and brought me to my computer looking up different tree service companies to clean it up. One of many reasons being an adult sucks, tree service is not cheap.

This isn’t actually my house but it gives you a little idea of what I mean. Fortunately enough for me, the tree was nice enough not to smash my house or car but still put a damper on my day to say the least.

who can afford all of this?

So I had 3 different companies come out and give me an assessment and guess how much it costs to have one big tree removed form one’s lawn these days?

Go ahead guess…

The lowest quote I got and what I ended up paying out of my pocket was a whopping $4,795. God. Damnit.

I like to think that I work overtime and went to school for so long so that I could spend money on nice things every once in a while. Maybe stock up enough to go on vacation fora year or to have a nice TV. When you’re a kid, you never think about the random expenses you have as an adult. Who the hell ever keeps an extra five grand aside just in case a tree falls over into your yard?

What’s next?

Is  my cement driveway going to cave in? is there going to be mold in my basement walls that I will discover one day? Will a meteor fall onto my garage and take out my car in its path?

Seriously, I am barely breaking even these days.

it gets worse…

So I thought all these guys were going to have to do was come out, take the tree and that would be the end of it. But the bad news just kept coming.

The tree that fell over was one of many in my yard and after the tree guys were done, they gave me the unfortunate news that it was only going to be a matter of time before the others came down too. I had a feeling that they were going to tell me this but I didn’t want to believe it.

So they gave me two options. I could either have the ones at risk of falling down completely removed, costing me upwards of 8 grand. Or I could have some extensive tree pruning done. Apparently they have ways of cutting the trees and limbs in certain ways to change the rate that trees grow. So if I don’t have them removed, I could have them pruned way down and in a way that they won’t grow as long or as fast. This would only cost me about 2 and a half grand which I cannot justify paying right now. Even if I did this they said they will eventually probably fall and I will be right back where I am here.

Whoever would have thought tree service was so expensive? I think I remember one time I heard that a small privately owned tree service company needs to clear at least 2 grand a day to break even so it just is what it is I guess?

The Good Ol’ Days

Remember the good ol’ days? The days where you didn’t have a care in the world. You could sit back play video games all day and not worry about bills, women, groceries, exams, or anything else that just makes being an adult the worst?

I know I sure do and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t catch myself day dreaming of memories past. Ohhhhhhh how good life once was…

I know I am sounding a little dramatic but that old expression couldn’t be more true. You don’t know what you got til it’s gone. Isn’t that a song by Billy Joel or something? Whoever came up with it had no idea how right they were.

i am a nerd and i am proud

When I was in high school I had one priority, and one priority only. That priority was World of Warcraft and the guild that I dedicated my life to, “The Final Frontier.” Yeah, the name was a little cheesy and I wanted the name “Shadow Hearts,” but my group of friends voted and my suggestion was shot down immediately so I was out of luck. For those of you out there who aren’t complete and utter nerds like my friends and I were, World of Warcraft is one of the most successful and popular video games ever created. It is a huge MMORPG, which is a massive multi-player online role playing game. This is the kind of video game that ruins marriages. There have been addiction services solely created for the purpose of this video games. Kids have committed suicide over this game. It was simply amazing and brought me the most fun times I have ever had in my life. Yeah, you can judge all you want. I am not ashamed my friends.

the most fun times of my life? yes.

Some of you out there might not believe me when I say that playing this game in high school was probably the most fun period of my life to date, but it was. Let me put it this way. You wouldn’t think twice if someone else said the same thing about playing football all through high school and I am sure a lot of you would actually say that playing some kind of sport or being in some kind of club was the most fun you’ve ever had.

Well, for us nerds World of Warcraft was our football. Every day my group of about 5 or 6 best friends would rush home, get on our computers, put on our headsets, and all start putting in our best efforts to be the best players that our server had ever seen. This is how we all hung out. We talked about life and whatever the hell else we wanted to while playing the greatest video game ever created.

And we were good at it. We were the leaders of the best guild on our server and we got respect. It felt good and we all felt like we were really a part of something great. Yeah yeah, I know all of you are judging me right now but I really don’t care. The amount of time and dedication we put into that game can be compared to anyone who played sports in high school and I don’t care how much you might disagree with that. Sure, team sports obviously take more physical skill and training to be good at, but the amount of time and dedication that is needed to really pull ahead of others in World of Warcraft might even be more than being great at a high school sport. You really have to have played to understand what I mean by this.

being an adult sucks…

Oh my God do I miss these days. Now here I am, sitting down at my computer with a tree completely covering my front lawn after falling down during a storm, calling different tree service companies to come give me an estimate which I am sure will cost me thousands of dollars to clear out.

What I would give to be a teenager again…

Hidden Costs of Growing Up